Visits with our very own Marians Sisters are always fun filled days!

St. John's students visit from Healdsburg, CA to cement our new sister-school status.  Students, following in the footsteps of these two great Saints, enjoy time together growing in heroic virtue:

SJSDR Students head out of town to visit and learn at places both near and far:

  San José Sánchez Del Río Catholic School

SJSDR Students enjoy a day at the beach:

Here at SJSDR daily life is full of learning through the feast days of our Catholic Faith:

San José Sánchez Del Río Catholic School

At Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church in Fort Bragg, CA

Excellence In Academics, Virtue Through Faith

Currently accepting applications for enrollment for grades K-8. Mid-year applications welcome.

Our students participate in an academically rigorous course of study that prepares them for success in high school, college and life. Daily Mass helps students stay grounded in the culture of our Catholic Faith.

We strive to help our students fall in love with learning, because life is about more than just preparing for college or getting a good job.

➢ Exploring the true, the good, and the beautiful

➢ Individualized instruction/ small class size

➢ Emphasis on moral, intellectual, and civic virtue

➢ A safe campus where children can be themselves

➢ Teachers who love their students

➢ Curiosity in our students is encouraged!

Come see what can happen when we expect more!

An invaluable educational alternative on the Mendocino Coast

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San José Sánchez Del Río Catholic School

255 South Harold Street ~ Fort Bragg, CA. 95437


 Who is San Jose Sanchez Del Rio?

What sets us apart?

Our students and staff pursue excellence in all things, as we study the wisdom and timeless lessons to be found in history and in the Great Books. We discover the wonder and beauty of God’s creation as we study science, music, and art. And we seek to understand our core purpose as created by God. Together, the staff, the students and our families work for the good of our families, our church and our community with a servant’s heart. Our families participate in this great work of educating their children, by making sacrifices daily for the good of the school---not just financially, but also by helping support this project in a myriad of hidden and humble ways, done out of true Christian charity.

How You Can Help:

Join us as we work to make true and faithful witness to Christ by teaching the core values of our Catholic Faith to our children.

By planned giving for the benefit of our parish children and Jose Sanchez Del Rio Catholic School, you can support a school dedicated to the growth and development of our young people in faith and knowledge so that they can be happy and live the life God wants for them. The Bishop of the Diocese of Santa Rosa believes that this can be best accomplished in a new type of school, and has tasked Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish with developing a model of education that can be used across America. So we are given the wonderful opportunity to be Missionaries for the Truth that is God’s original plan for healthy and happy families in our land. You can participate in several ways that help in the short and long term needs of this project.


Our most important immediate need is to make sure that school expenses are covered. Cost per student per month is estimated at $500 which many families cannot fully afford. You can give the amount you can comfortably budget to defray this cost for a child. A record will be kept of your support, and the school will keep you informed of how the student is doing. Contact the parish office to register as a particular sponsor. 707 964 0229.


These donations will be used to defray general current costs of school operation. School performance and progress will be reported periodically in the parish bulletin. Contact the parish office to enroll as a general sponsor for this program. 707 964 0229


Money donated as a general legacy gift will be placed in an interest earning account. Annual proceeds from the fund will be spent annually to cover general expenses of Saint Jose Del Rio Parish School. Contact the parish office to make a donation. 707 964 0229.


Remember Saint Jose Del Rio Parish School in your will or living trust. The benefits for the donor include estate tax deductions and minimizing tax burdens, choice of assets to donate, and control of assets during donor’s lifetime. For more information contact the parish office at 707 964 0229 or your attorney.